Two Year Olds…

With a house full of five people things can get pretty wild. I have a husband who works swing shift so he is either sleeping, working, or running around acting like a kid. Secondly, we have a 10 year old who is starting to get a little cocky and thinks his parents know absolutely nothing. Overall, he is very respectful but with his sports and everything else things with him can be pretty exhausting. My daughter well she can be very dramatic, and a miss know it all. But, lastly we have the two year old and by god he is pretty cute but also very whiny.

I don’t know how other peoples two year olds but the ones I have seen I thought to myself “man my child is very well behaved” well that surely changed. He cries over just about everything. “Mommy I want juice” My reply is normally “not until you ask me nicely sweet cheeks” and as soon as I say that it is like his whole world fell apart and he snaps. He throws himself on the floor, screaming, crying no no… not crying it’s the annoying fake cry that makes any mom wanna crawl in her bed and lock the door. I mean come on how hard is it to say “Mommy can I have some juice PLEASE” No, no that’s the end of the world.

Another great thing my two year old does is antagonizes his brother and sister, why must you take your sisters toys sweet cheeks now I have one child crying because he brother has her toys and sweet cheeks laughing because he thinks his mom enjoys hearing all this chaos. Why must you go upstairs to your brothers room and write all over his desk sweet cheeks? Bug comes home and flips out because once again he has to take a magic eraser and clean it up.

Mr. Sweet cheeks why must you take off all of your clothes and jump in the shower when daddy is in the shower. He just needs some alone time too… (I say that with a I don’t actually care face because well this daddy gets alone time all the time) but I hear… “Chelsea.. come up here please and help me I got soap in his eyes” Up I run. One day no joke lol I hear frantically screaming well when I heard that I immediately ran upstairs thinking oh crap what happened.. Do you wanna know what happened. Sweet Cheeks was just learning how to walk and this child has always preferred showers over baths so my husband was taking a shower with him well he was very curious and squeezed my husbands… ya… and my husband let out the loudest scream ever, needless to say I laughed.

Some days I wonder how are moms such super hero’s really we are, or at least we try to be. This thing called motherhood is not easy, but damn its the most wonderful cherishing thing ever. Just think one day they will be grown up and we will be wanting these days back.


When I Became a Mom:

I normally can’t tell strangers my story of the first time I became a mommy, without me getting some kind of bull crap look that immediately makes me want to throat punch them because well they don’t know me, they don’t know the non sense I dealt with the depression the self esteem issues, that is still taking day by day to be a positive, strong, and self positive person; but, most of all its the statistical category they throw me into. I wasn’t exactly ready to take on little person when I could barely take care of myself. I had no idea what I was getting into when I became pregnant, well no one does and I learned that over the years and having 2 more children, everything is different with every pregnancy.

So, lets dive back 11 years ago and talk about my “Bug” (if you didn’t read my about page I don’t ever say my kids real names I use the nicknames we call them daily) I was 13 when I got pregnant, I had no idea what to do, what to say. I hid my pregnancy pretended I didn’t know. I think I was in more of a denial stage. My family and I went to Florida to Disney I was riding all the rides and feeling great. I was young looking back I would of never rode rides I would of never did half the things I did back then. Finally, my mom found out not by me either she had a suspicion because I was getting a little chubbier. I was 14 at this point. At this point my family new everything.

Abortion wasn’t even a option for me, as for me and what I believe in I could never forgive myself. Adoption however it was an option, I was actually at the adoption agency looking at beautiful families that want there own precious baby. I had a couple in mind, but first things first I had to get a sonogram. My first doctor appointment was ridiculously scary and I didn’t know what to say or do; but it went well baby was healthy and they sent me on my way to the hospital. I had a long wait in the waiting room the emotions that flooded me and my mom were scary and it was the lowest point in my life not knowing what to do. Finally, we were in the ultrasound room, I was laying on the chair and they caught a glimpse of this sweet, beautiful little boy. I was 6 months pregnant by that time and he was so healthy and I was screaming with joy on the inside, at least I did something right.

Time froze I didn’t know what to say or do so I cried, I looked over at my mom and she was crying too. I couldn’t do it at that time I couldn’t give this baby up no matter what the circumstances were he was mine, I couldn’t do it. I told my mom and she gave me a long speech and told me if I keep this baby I can’t flunk out of school I cant go out with my friends all the time, and I certainly need a job. Agreed! When, I was 9 my mom was in a car accident and became paralyzed from the chest down. So, together we were gonna do this. I have 2 younger brothers Z is 22 now and R is 18. Fast forward past the middle school heart breaks and how hard it was being in 8th grade and carrying around a pregnant tummy… we will get on that topic another day.

August 31st 2007, I gave birth to a beautiful 6lb 14 oz 21 in little boy. He was beautiful and I was so scared but motherhood it runs in my veins. So, with my mom, and aunt helping me bring this child into the world and a waiting room full of a great support system he came and he cried and it was the loudest cry I have ever heard. Bug and I had our ups and downs his mommy is a young mommy, at the age of 25 now and Bug is almost 11. I am not only proud of the little boy I raised but I am proud of myself for not letting statistics beat me. I made something of myself, I am married to a wonderful man that loves Bug so much as if he was his own. Bug is such a active little man (when I say little I legit mean he’s a little shorter than the rest of his classmates but we will sprout up soon) He excels in everything he does and I really don’t know where he got that from. But together we learned its not about what people think or what they say its about you, I know my worth and I know my roots and I will always stand by that.