Oh Monkey See Monkey Do

Sweet Cheeks is obsessed with his daddy, and whatever his daddy does he has to copy. I don’t know how many times I have to tell my husband “please watch what you do… he is watching.” does my husband listen… eh to some extent then well… he forgets again. Typical male right. So, anyhow sweet cheeks was visiting his great grandparents with his brother and sister while mommy and daddy went out to dinner, and to which extent my son was watching my grandfather get upset with the washer and out of my grandpa’s surprise this innocent little 2 year old says and I quote “Papa is that washer pissing you off.” Now, grandpa is not a man that swears in front of a woman, and I wouldn’t be caught dead swearing in front of my grandparents but my innocent sweet cheeks said a naughty word. Grandpa of course chuckled under his breath and corrected him along with answering his question. My husband and I both got reprimanded for not watching what we say.

A new phrase my little guy started saying is “Oh whatever” to EVERYTHING. “Sweet face did you put your shoes back?” His reply “Oh whatever” I love my 2 year old and I love watching him grow into a sweet young man, lately I have been dreading the thought of my babies getting older and not being able to have anymore children. His personality is growing and changing everyday and it is quite insane to realize how much they pick up.

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