Two Year Olds…

With a house full of five people things can get pretty wild. I have a husband who works swing shift so he is either sleeping, working, or running around acting like a kid. Secondly, we have a 10 year old who is starting to get a little cocky and thinks his parents know absolutely nothing. Overall, he is very respectful but with his sports and everything else things with him can be pretty exhausting. My daughter well she can be very dramatic, and a miss know it all. But, lastly we have the two year old and by god he is pretty cute but also very whiny.

I don’t know how other peoples two year olds but the ones I have seen I thought to myself “man my child is very well behaved” well that surely changed. He cries over just about everything. “Mommy I want juice” My reply is normally “not until you ask me nicely sweet cheeks” and as soon as I say that it is like his whole world fell apart and he snaps. He throws himself on the floor, screaming, crying no no… not crying it’s the annoying fake cry that makes any mom wanna crawl in her bed and lock the door. I mean come on how hard is it to say “Mommy can I have some juice PLEASE” No, no that’s the end of the world.

Another great thing my two year old does is antagonizes his brother and sister, why must you take your sisters toys sweet cheeks now I have one child crying because he brother has her toys and sweet cheeks laughing because he thinks his mom enjoys hearing all this chaos. Why must you go upstairs to your brothers room and write all over his desk sweet cheeks? Bug comes home and flips out because once again he has to take a magic eraser and clean it up.

Mr. Sweet cheeks why must you take off all of your clothes and jump in the shower when daddy is in the shower. He just needs some alone time too… (I say that with a I don’t actually care face because well this daddy gets alone time all the time) but I hear… “Chelsea.. come up here please and help me I got soap in his eyes” Up I run. One day no joke lol I hear frantically screaming well when I heard that I immediately ran upstairs thinking oh crap what happened.. Do you wanna know what happened. Sweet Cheeks was just learning how to walk and this child has always preferred showers over baths so my husband was taking a shower with him well he was very curious and squeezed my husbands… ya… and my husband let out the loudest scream ever, needless to say I laughed.

Some days I wonder how are moms such super hero’s really we are, or at least we try to be. This thing called motherhood is not easy, but damn its the most wonderful cherishing thing ever. Just think one day they will be grown up and we will be wanting these days back.


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